Sugar Grove Corn Boil

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The Sugar Grove Corn Boil offers a fabulous band line up

Friday–Sunday, July 25, 26, 27, 2014


The Sugar Grove Corn Boil, taking place July 25, 26 and 27, 2014

Admission is free.  

Bands are free.  

Beer has to be paid for.

The Sugar Grove Corn Boil committee announces the bands that will be playing during the Corn Boil that takes place Friday-Sunday, July 25, 26 and 27.  On Friday, July 25, the Duke Band performs at 6 pm followed by Red Woody at 7:30 pm and Libido Funk Circus at 9:30 pm.  On Saturday, July 26, Generations performs at 3:30 pm followed by Humphrey & McKeown at 5 pm, Rockstar Rodeo at 6:30 pm and Lounge Puppets at 8:30 pm.  On Sunday, July 27, 4th Point performs at 1:30 pm followed by Citizen Way at 3 pm and Mikeschair at 4 pm.

On Friday, July 25, the Duke Band, truly local and truly classic, keeps the classic-rock flame burning by performing the songs we all know and love at 6 pm.  The Duke Band, originally formed in the 80’s, has transformed into a seasoned blend of musicians with a harmonious guitar trio.   Their music is a unique mix of blues-based classics, danceable hits, and today’s chart leaders.  The audience will experience homage to the original artists, with the intricate guitar work of the Duke Band arrangements.

On Friday, July 25, Red Woody performs at 7:30 pm.  Since its inception in 1999, Red Woody has been redefining what a cover band is all about. There were a couple things Red Woody wanted to focus on that would separate them from other cover bands in the area.  Red Woody plays songs that people want to hear.  Because Red Woody felt there were too many bands playing solely 80’s rock or just classic rock, they established the philosophy-there are great songs from every decade. Why not play them?

Some of the artists Red Woody covers are Journey, Matchbox 20, Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga, Bryan Adams, Goo Goo Dolls, AC/DC, Mellencamp, R.E.O., Kings of Leon, Poison, Skynyrd, Elton John, Petty, Neon Trees and the Stones.  Red Woody embraces diversity and performs so that every show is a party. View their website at  Hear them at

On Friday, July 25, Corn Boil attendees can hear headliner band Libido Funk Circus at 9:30 pm.  Originally formed as an over-the-top tribute to the Disco music of the 70’s, Libido Funk Circus has been relentlessly entertaining a wide range of audiences since it’s inception in 1996. While they continue to play your favorite Disco hits, the addition of hundreds of dance & rock songs, spanning from the 60’s through today, has quite literally turned LFC into a human jukebox. From the hits of the good ole’ Motown days to the bass-thumping beats of today’s dance music; from the always danceable Disco grooves to the new wave rock of the 80’s… LFC has it “covered”.