Gearing up to Find a Cure

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gearing up to find a cure









Location: September 21st at Fox River Forest Preserve in Barrington Illinois.


Cause: Rally provides complete security and protection for what you value most. We specialize in taking care of our customers.  Our main focus is providing coverage for collector cars, personal lines and small business insurance.  We are a national agency and offer our services in 46 states.    We try and give back to the community as much as possible and we decided to give whatever money that we raise (minus the cost of the event) all to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.


This will be a wonderful event for car owners, car clubs, families, and co-workers form fundraising teams to help raise money for LLS. These efforts culminate in an inspirational, memorable car show. We will be using social media to help spread the word and gain support for this event. Through this event, we are hoping to raise at least $20,000 that will fund breakthrough therapies for blood cancer patients; provide free educational materials, support programs, and events; powers advocacy to ensure access to treatments; and helps provide personalized assistance through LLS’s Information Resource Center. When choosing a charity to donate our proceeds to, we chose LLS because it is an organization very close to our hearts.

Our agency has 6 full time employees and in the last 5 years, a blood cancer has personally affected every member of the Rally team. We have grieved for the loss of friends and family (Katelyn, Terry and Lars’ cousin) and cheered them on (Ellen’s Dad, Kelsey & Samantha’s Grandpa) as they went through treatment. Having gone through this process, we were determined to use our personal experience and love of cars to develop an event that could make a difference.