Garmin Chicago’s “Jeep Watch”

JeepWatch_Garmin (2)Garmin’s got game… and you can too! Just participate in “#JeepWatch! Keep a look out for the Garmin Interactive Jeep as it makes its way around town this month for your chance to check out the latest Garmin products and pick up a scratch-off ticket good for one of 30,000 prizes!Every ticket is a winner and you can score items like Garmin’s new Vivofit HEALTH and WELLNESS band, Garmin store gift cards, Divvy Memberships, or certificates for great eats at Uno’s, Sprinkles cupcakes and more!

So wherever you are – Navy Pier, the museum campus, street festivals or the ball parks, make sure to watch out for the Garmin Jeep.   Find out when and where the jeep will be by following @garminChicago on twitter and using the hashtag #jeepwatch in your posts! You can also stop by the Garmin store on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Erie in Chicago to pick up your scratch-off ticket, see all the latest Garmin devices,  and redeem your free prize.

For more information,


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