Garry Meier

06/16/14 Full Show

Garry Meier full show podcast. Garry chats with the founder and CEO of KeyMe inc, Greg Marsh! He also once again provides Jim Ramsey with a spokesperson job opportunity. Finally, Garry ends the show with a music request from a listener (only heard live on the stream) and his in depth coverage of the World Cup! Ok, so maybe not that last part about the world cup….but a whole bunch of typical Garry news stories for sure!!!

Gary Meier 06/16/14 Part 1

Gary Meier 06/16/14 Part 2


1 Comment to “06/16/14 Full Show”

    Kim said:
    July 17, 2014 at 6:45 PM

    Can you just come back to radio? Really? It took me 20 mins to find you and I don't use my computer like this and I still can't listen to you without signing up for everything except the ginsey knifes. (spelled wrong). Tell the big guys to move Bob and his wife (no offense) but I need you back in your time slot. Thanks KIm

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