Gary L. Stewart: My father was the Zodiac killer

Gary L. Stewart started a search for his biological father and found a serial killer. In THE MOST DANGEROUS ANIMAL OF ALL:  Searching for My Father…And Finding the Zodiac Killer, Stewart (with Susan Mustafa) tells the story of a 10-year investigation with a dark discovery. Steve Cochran asks Stewart how he can be sure.



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  • zodiachoax

    According to the actual police department files from the original murder cases, there was no "Zodiac Killer," only some phony letters to the SF Chronicle claiming credit for some unrelated murders, followed by an exploitative book full of falsehoods by Robert Graysmith (real name: Robert Smith, Jr):

    Over the last few years, all of the actual police department and FBI files related to the so-called "Zodiac" murders have become available in the public domain. It's over 2500 pages of material, but the most essential 1000 pages can be seen here:

    If you'd like a free "study guide" for reading these documents (and for debunking Robert Smith aka Robert Graysmith's "non" fiction book ZODIAC) you can start here:

    Or here:

    Also, compare Mr Wakshull's "analysis" of the handwriting of Earl Best, Jr to THIS handwriting of the actual person who really wrote the Zodiac letters:


  • Darius

    There is ZERO forensic evidence in this book that would lead anyone to be convinced that Earl Van Best Jr. was the Zodiac Killer. This author not only has credibility problems but he's apparently being called out by web sleuths and experts who are far more knowledgeable about the case than the author. If the author wishes to make a book about his search for his birth father…that's fine. However, the B.S. that's generated involving the Zodiac information component is apparently the act of a pure money-driven charlatan….who aren't unusual to the Zodiac case.

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