Garry Meier Full 05/14

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Garry breaks down the “Hottest,”  “Trending,” and “Flat” stories! He is social media! Then, Garry discusses body hair and James Bond…yes, really! Also, Garry once again plays “The Caption Contest” with cartoon boy, Scott Stantis! All this and Tom Skilling, go ahead and click play my friend!


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  • Susu

    I listen to you daily coming home from work and you make me laugh!! Can you discuss college graduation? This is an issue I am not familiar with and I would love to see what your audience thinks.. A college senior majoring in Biomedical Sciences at a "trusted university"..she has a 3.5 grade point average..senior year . in one class she screwed up and has a one of her major classes..they will not give her a diploma and she has to "make up" the class in summer school to the tune of an extra $5m..
    does this seem right? "f" is failing! Plus the university is not guaranteeing her a job! Should we as parents be responsible for paying extra? Since when is C- failing? I would love the feedback!

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