The real stars behind The Beach Boys, Elvis, Sinatra and more

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Denny Tedesco director of The Wrecking Crew documentary (and son of Wrecking Crew member Tommy Tedesco), joined Bob Sirott and Marianne Murciano to talk about the documentary of the studio musicians who played on hit after hit in the 1960’s.  Denny will be screening the documentary 5/13 in St. Charles at the Arcada Theatre and 5/14 in Joliet at the Rialto Theatre.  Visit

Denny Tedesco

Denny Tedesco – director of The Wrecking Crew film with Sirott and Murciano.

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  • Andrew

    Whilst The Wrecking Crewe were a first-class bunch of musicians, to label them as the "real stars" behind the Beach Boys is laughable. Most of The Beach Boys biggest hits had the band themselves playing the instruments. Whilst The Wrecking Crew did contribute massively to "Pet Sounds" and "Smile", the surfing tunes which the casual fans know better were relatively untouched by "the real stars". The Wrecking Crew can stand on their own reputation and don't need inflating with stupid headlines like that.

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