The most popular baby names for 2013 were…

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Goodbye “Jennifer” and “Michael.”  Hello “Sophia” and “Noah.” The Social Security Administration has released its annual list of most-popular baby names and “Sophia” and “Noah” were at the top for 2013.  For girls, the rest of the top five were “Emma,” “Olivia,” “Isabella” and “Ava.”  Rounding out the top five for boys were “Liam,” “Jacob,” “Mason” and “William.”

By the way, “Jennifer” and “Michael” were the top names 40 years ago.  “Michael” remains strong, ranking 7th in 2013.  But over the past 40 years, Jennifer has dropped all the way to 191.

Check out the complete list for 2013, and archived lists going back to 1879, here.

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