Nick Digilio

Movies You’ve Seen Multiple Times

Nick Digilio and listeners share the movies they’ve seen multiple times.

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Jurassic Park 1

Jurassic Park 3D (Universal Pictures/Amblin Entertainment)


1 Comment to “Movies You’ve Seen Multiple Times”

    biggjim76 said:
    May 6, 2014 at 12:34 AM

    Star Wars did come out in May 25,1977. And the guy who mentioned Hair the movie.That came out in 1979.I was a baby when it came out. The thing I remember the most was waiting in line for Return of the Jedi at the River Oaks Theater. That building is still standing. I saw it twice that year. The second time was with my sister. The first time was with my mom, my brother, and his dad. Some of the movies mentioned I remember watching. Going back to the time I saw the 3rd Star Wars movie. I saw it the General Cinema. I could go on forever.

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