Remembering Bob Hoskins

Nick Digilio remembers the late great Bob Hoskins by playing clips of his work and reading the 11 life lessons he taught his daughter. 

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  • biggjim76

    Man! Inever know he was a British actor. A funny scene on Roger Rabbit when Bob’s charecter comes in the bar in his trench coat with Roger inside. And he’s yelling for Delores cause thhere was a train passing by. “Delores…Delores…DELORES!” Roger was trying to come out of his trench coat. And he shoves him back in and she says, “Is that a rabbit under your coat or you’re happy to see me.” The scary scene is when Judge Doom becomes a toon and says, “Remember me Eddie? When I killed your brother. …I talked JUST LIKE THIIIS!!!!” RIP Bob Hoskins.

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