Meet Joe LoPresti

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Joe LoPresti

Joseph LoPresti portrait. Photo by Andrew Collings.

Joseph LoPresti

Joe is the President and Senior Portfolio Manager of Arlington Capital Management (ACM), a Registered Investment Advisory firm he founded in 2000 with corporate headquarters in the Chicago Metro area. A 29-year veteran of the financial services industry, he possesses a strong background in investment research and portfolio construction, as well as a demonstrated dedication to client service. Joe is the author of Empowered Investing: Strategies for Proactive Investors and the host of a weekly radio program, Empowered Investing. In addition to his leadership role at ACM, Joe is also the founder of The Investor Education Institute, an organization that teaches proactive strategy courses online as well in classroom settings. Joe studied at Millikin University.

Arlington Capital Management
Proactive strategies to grow and protect your investments

Arlington Capital Management (ACM) is a premier, privately held SEC ( Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm specializing in providing portfolio management services to individuals, families and small businesses. Founded in 2000, ACM employs a proprietary proactive investment methodology that has proven successful during a variety of market cycles. Our Proactive Asset Allocation Strategy (PAAS), Proactive Income Strategy and Proactive 401(k) Strategy have all been developed in-house, and all portfolio decisions are made internally by our Investment Policy Committee, chaired by Joseph LoPresti. As a fee-only RIA, our revenue is solely derived from the fees assessed on assets under our management. We do not earn commissions of any kind. As advisors held to the highest fiduciary standards in today’s financial services industry, we are obligated to act in the best interests of our clients