Patti Vasquez Show 4/15/2014 Hour 3

Eli Lake the Senior National Security Correspondent for The Daily Beast joined Patti Vasquez to talk about the situation in Ukraine. The U.S. Airways employee responsible for the controversial tweet has come forward. More than 500 people have already signed up to test drive Chicago’s pay-by-phone parking meter app. Plus, According to a new poll 45 percent of women have bent the truth in sexts, compared to 24 percent of men.


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  • Bill

    Your day job must be in the Garden of Eden!

    In a sinusitis fueled steroid night I was up to hear your exhortation NOT to visit two girls and a cup. OMG ! And I just quit at the description of…

    I ‘m left over from the 60’s and pretty liberal on such things. You are right ! Don ‘t go
    there !

    TOO LATE. Go to a corner and don ‘t think about a white rabbit is your punishment.

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