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Tomorrow’s Business Today is the Voice of Chicago Business. Not a whisper…but a voice. Entrepreneurship is fundamental and at Tomorrow’s Business Today Radio, we are featuring resources and experts to help make it easier. And having some fun along the way. Our guests includes the “Who’s Who” in Chicago, but also thought leaders from around the country so we can get the best advice possible.

About Kristin Tews, host of’s Tomorrow’s Business Today:

Kristin Tews is the radio host of Tomorrow’s Business Today (formerly Personal Best) on WGN in Chicago. Her show features business professionals, sales leaders, and game changers who give us tips and insights on how to get the best out of our business life. The show began as a weekend program five years ago on a local station and is now a recognized program in Chicagoland featuring entrepreneurs who show us how to live the best life.

The program leaves clues, tells stories, teaches lessons, shares insights. It doesn’t matter if the guest is a bestselling author, famous artist, or the merchant down the street. Kristin has a unique ability, through her intuitive nature and comforting style, to uncover success lessons. Kristin says, “My hope when I began the show was to inspire people to be their personal best, whatever they define this as. Bringing guests on the show who are willing to share their wisdom and experiences, makes us all realize we can all be our best in our own unique way.

Kristin was also recently named the Director of Education for the Small Business Advocacy Council in Chicago, one of the largest advocacy councils in the country. The SBAC focus’ on advocacy for small business and also education to empower the business owners in the Chicago market. The SBAC is a leader in change and has developed the first Co-Op Insurance Plan in Illinois and their own branded credit card for members that is a leading example on how change starts one person at a time. It is a non-profit that is completely funded by members and sponsors who want to see change happen in the small business community. The SBAC was formed by two local business members who were frustrated by “the system” and now has over 850 companies as members and anticipate hitting 1,000 in the second quarter of 2014.


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