This Week in History: Week of 3/30/14

Dave Plier and Dave Schwan talk ‘This Week in History’ in Chicago and around the world including: the invention of the roller skate, the first dishwashing machine, the launch of the Wrigley Company in 1891, WGN TV debuts in 1948, Richard J Daley is elected in 1955, Martin Luther King was assassinated in 1968 and in 2003 Mayor Daley bulldozed the runway Meig’s Field.


Dave Plier

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  • PHOTO: The WGN-TV mobile unit in operation on the street as it rehearsed programs for opening tonight at Illinois Street and the WGN Building on April 4, 1948. — Hardy Wieting, Chicago Tribune Archive Photo

    This Week in History: 3/27/16

  • The Stanley Cup. Courtesy of WGN Radio’s Dave Plier, June 15, 2015.

    This Week in History: 3/13/16

  • PHOTO: Tribune historical photo. Performers sing "Merry Widow" for WGN radio, circa Oct. 4, 1941

    This Week in History: 5/15/16

  • PHOTO: Cicero’s new ice rink will be named after Blackhawks great Bobby Hull, left, shown in the early 1970s. (Tribune file photo, Chicago Tribune / January 11, 2008)

    This Week in History: 3/20/16

  • PHOTO: A view of the McDonald's museum in 2003. Ed Wagner, Chicago Tribune.

    This Week in History: 4/10/16

  • Blues Brothers. Courtesy: Universal

    This Week in History: 6/12/16

  • Classic Car at the Drive-In/Courtesy of David Plier/Retail First

    This Week in History: 6/5/16

  • PHOTO: The Democratic National Convention. Courtesy of Chicago Tribune Archives

    American History Journal: 6/26/16

  • PHOTO: Frazier Thomas and a young guest on ‘Garfield Goose & Friends’. Courtesy of WGN Television

    This Week in History: 4/17/16

  • PHOTO: A Century of Progress. Eric DeLamarter and the Orchestra onstage at the Swift Bridge of Service bandshell, July 1, 1934 (Chicago Tribune archive photo). 

    This Week in History: 5/29/16

  • CTA

    This Week in History: 6/19/16

  • PHOTO: Classic Swanson TV Dinner. Courtesy of Swanson/Pinnacle Foods.

    This Week in History: 4/3/16

  • PHOTO: Al Capone. Chicago Tribune Archives

    This Week in History: 5/01/16


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