Making Yogurt with Dean’s Mom

Dean Richards gives his mother a surprise call to give his listeners the low-down on how to make the best home made yogurt using some milk and a heating pad.

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  • Betty

    Omigosh, I want to be like Dean Richards' mom when I grow up! Off to make some Greek yogurt, even though my bed is as yet unmade!

  • Phyllis

    God Bless you, Dean I didn't have a chance to write until now. Your Mom was a hoot last weekend! What a sweet, feisty lady. What a lucky young man you are! Anyone who lives to be THAT young can do WHATEVER they want! Gosh, what IS HER secret? I have a 100 year old great-aunt, so maybe they can talk! Love you Dean! Give Mom a kiss for me! Phyllis…

    You were so cute when you were talking to her! I love it when Men talk to their Moms. They are reduced to a pile of rubble.:)

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