Cochran’s Kids of the Week making a difference through Burke Scholars and Buddies

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Two stellar high school students have been awarded the title of Steve Cochran’s Kids of the Week. Chris Nichol and J.C. Kane are both part of the Burke Buddies program at Notre Dame College Prep. Chris Nichol is enrolled in Burke Scholars, a program at the school for male students with disabilities. J.C. Kane is is a Burke Buddy, and the two are good friends. Both students are an integral part to the program and the school as a whole. Leandra Smith, director of the program, is in studio as well.

For information on their upcoming fundraiser or to donate, visit their website here.


Steve Cochran Show’s Kid of the Week is Chris Nichol. His buddy is J.C. Kane. They’re part of the Burke Scholar Program at Notre Dame College Preparatory School in Niles. We’re proud of them!