Shawn Harrington: I will definitely walk again, I can guarantee you that

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Shawn Harrington was driving his daughter to school two weeks ago when he was shot and paralyzed while shielding her from random gunfire. Shawn talks to Kap, Carman, and Harry about what he remembers from the incident, why what he did is less an act of heroism and more a father protecting his child, how he maintains a positive outlook and more.

Shawn is an assistant coach for the Marshall HS basketball team. Though he does have health insurance through CPS, certain costs will not be covered. If you care to help, send donations to this address, or call the number below:

Shawn Harrington Recovery Fund:

Fifth Third Bank

2710 Narragansett Ave.

Chicago, IL. 60639 – (773) 385-6050

A fundraiser will also be held at Marshall High School on Saturday, March 1.