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Lou Manfredini rapid fires through WGN Radio text questions from listeners…counter problems, heated floors, toilet issues, ice damming, washtub coating.

Making of the 2013 Mr. Fix-It Calendar

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  • Rick

    U had a lady with a one time noise bang sound in her ductwork, it comes from week duct caused week brake bending at the furnace. Need to find which one and a simple fix is to screw an "s" fleet across the duct to reinforce the duct.

  • Rich LaCorte

    Heard you say 1 mushroom vent per 10 ft. xx 10 ft. =100 sq. ft., seems excessive. This would mean for 1200 sq. ft. you would need 12 vents. Did I misunderstand?

  • Paul

    I've heard that putting water softener pellets in the gutters at the beginning of the snow season helps avoid ice dams. Does this really work?

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