Should the Cubs leave Wrigleyville?

As the Cubs continue trying to resolve their dispute with the rooftop owners, Kap proposes that the Ricketts family threaten to move to a stadium in the suburbs, while  Carman continues making the case for renovating Wrigley Field.


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  • Marty

    I'm with Dave all the way. If the Cubs are going to continue to be about Wrigley Field rather than baseball and winning a pennant and the World Series, it is never going to happen. I understand the historic preservation aspect, but unfortunately it doesn't dove-tail with winning a championship. It seems like it is more about preserving Wrigley Field as a museum. And I understand business and deals that have been made with rooftop owners, but really?! If the Cubs go…there are no rooftops. Either get on with some serious renovations, which have already been approved…or find another place to build a modern, fan-friendly, accessible ballpark.

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