RedEye Remix 01-19-14

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  • Frank McGurn

    on your 1/19/14 show you talked about E-mail/ You were wondering about FORWARDING, and the many old addresses that come with it. These old address are how spamers get you email address.
    Here the proper way to forward
    1. Click on FORWARD. You can now edit he message.

    2. Highlight the old addresses. A fast way is put your curer at start of old address press & hold and the SHIFT KEY use arrow keys to highlight. Then DELETE. The old addresses are gone.

    3. Put the ADDRESS OF PERSON OR PERSONS you are writing to in the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) . Doing this no body know who your writing to,and the Spamers can't get these addresses.

    This method works been doing this for 5 years. You can add you personal notes to the message you forwarding
    almost E-mail programs are about the same.

    There is another way to forward Highlight the message only copy Ctrl + c. the open a new blank form . Them where you would type Paste the message you copied Ctrl + v. I have uuse method also.

    There is in the setting of the e-mail program that you can ask the recipient to confirn the message was received. maybe in tools.
    If you have questions I have a printed sheet or you can call me @ 815-876-0523
    Frank McGurn

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