C-Team Exclusive Interview with Tom Skilling

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Cochran Show C-Team reporter John DaCosse snagged an exclusive interview with legendary weatherman Tom Skilling. Hear his four part interview below!

Part 1: NostraThomas

DaCosse tries to determine where Skilling’s weather predicting powers originate.

Part 2: Skilling’s Roots

DaCosse takes an in-depth, minute-long look at Skilling’s roots.

Part 3: Latest Weather Report

DaCosse and Skilling discuss this week’s weather, and DaCosse has some burning questions about what’s coming across Lake Michigan.

Part 4: Weather Quiz

DaCosse tries to stump Skilling with a lightning round of weather terms.


Steve Cochran’s “C-Team” Reporter John DaCosse and WGN weatherman Tom Skilling. (WGN Radio)

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