Full show Dec. 1


This week’s edition of “After Hours With Rick Kogan” featured interviews with….

  • Bob Bowker and Josie Falbo of the Lakeside Singers joined Rick to talk about holiday music and what it’s like to be a musician during this time of year. Falbo also chats about how she became a singer, including the many commercials to which she lent her voice. (Sweet peas was just one of products she sang about.)
  • Jamie O’Reilly called in to talk about Roots Salon, an event she hosts that  is meant to evoke the “soirees of the late 19th century.” Each event features a lineup of musicians, writers, poets, speakers, artists and photographers. Rick was a featured guest on a recent show.
  • Dmitry Samarov talked with Rick about “Hack,” his collection of short stories drawn from his experiences as a cab driver, and a little bit about the new book he is working on. Born in the USSR, Samarov has always loved drawing and studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
  • Kevin Elliot, the manager of Open Books, one of Rick’s favorite bookstores, chatted  about bookselling and literacy in Chicago. Open Books is a nonprofit that supports its literacy programs in part through sales from the new and used bookstore located in the near north side.

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