12/23/13 – Hour 2

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In the second hour of the show Steve and Johnnie look back on some great memories at WGN, and talk tech with Dr. Patrick Crispen, Senior Manager for Learning Design and Technology at the University of Southern California’s Center for Scholarly Technology.


Steve King and Johnnie Putman (Photo by Will Crockett)

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  • Kathy Jendrzejczyk

    It was awesome hearing Steve and Johnnie again! They have been so missed! It was nice hearing the ole' WGN again and I have noticed that some hosts are back in the fold and just love that you are moving back in the right direction again. When Kathy and Judy left and then Steve and Johnnie and of course John Williams and Spike O'Dell retired it was like WGN was dying. There were many new voices but they just didn't click with me. Brian Noonan and sometimes Steve Cochran were around which kept me listening at least some of the time. But with Bob and Marianne now in the afternoon and Steve C and Nick D there is hope lets keep making WGN the station still be the station I have always listened to and remember there are tons of us Baby Boomers out here and we are not dead yet and can support your sponsors in many ways. Good luck in the future and keep up the good work!

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