Cubs update with Jed Hoyer

Cubs GM Jed Hoyer joins the DK Show to talk about the team’s relatively quiet offseason, why teams can’t count on building a team through free agency like they used to and what Theo does for their office in celebration of the holidays.

CT cubs-nationals12.JPG

Cubs GM Jed Hoyer (Brian Cassella / Tribune photo)


2 Comments to “Cubs update with Jed Hoyer”

    Charlie mueller said:
    December 20, 2013 at 6:13 PM

    What bringing up Bryant and Beaz this year. Bryant has played 4 years in collage already which should equal 4years at some minor league level and has proved he can hit. Move Castro to second and put Baez at short. Fans would come out to watch will put more money in the coffers, which would allow the Cubs to get some pitching with guys who have not had Tommy John surgery yet.

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