Remembering Larry Lujack: Tommy Edwards

Tommy Edwards, Chicago radio personality for WLS and WJMK, talks about his work with the late Larry Lujack.


Chicago radio icon Tommy Edwards with Sirott and Murciano (WGN Radio).

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  • STJr

    I lived in Chicago all my life up until 1997 and Larry Lujack was always on my radio. I remember I was driving in to the Loop to work (I worked at Montgomery Wards on Chicago Ave.) one morning in 1975 on the Dan Ryan expressway in the heart of rush hour. Larry was on the radio and I heard him say, "Jocks may come and Jocks may go, but the ol SuperJock just keeps on comin." Oh God….I laughed so hard I almost caused a 10 car pile-up. Larry was such a treasure to so many. God Bless your soul Larry Lujack.

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