iPhone Cookie Debacle

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  • Sam

    He sounds like a high school douche bag bashing this guy the moment the interview is over. Also, why all the nagging questions about his relationship? This isn't TMZ.

  • Jim

    What a terrible show. People actually listen to this Bubala loser? It's just him talking too much, loudly, and being an asshole. They should let the interviewee take over the show. He is much more entertaining, even after being woken up at night. Keep up the good work Matt.

  • Chris

    Matt is a coward.. Trashing the guy behind his back about his career and not being a funny comedian.. And here's Matt on his primetime 3:00 AM timeslot on AM Radio.

  • Henry

    You can actually hear how insecure this Matt guy is. Really really embarrassing on his part.
    I saw Randys stand up set on Comedy Central and its damn hilarious, if anybody is worthy of fame, Randy is.

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