Adam Jahns on Cutler vs. McCown

Sun-Times Bears writer Adam Jahns talks about how Trestman has consistently backed Jay Cutler, why he thinks Cutler has long-term job security and how the Bears’ bad run defense matches up against the Browns’ poor rushers.


1 Comment to “Adam Jahns on Cutler vs. McCown”

    guest said:
    December 18, 2013 at 10:36 AM

    Depressed? Best QB in Bears history. Best 4th quarter QB in the league. Depressed? Different system every year as a Bear. Jamarcus Webb was his left tackle. Check your intelligence level my friend. People say Cutler is a bum slayer, he beats bad teams well McCown lost to 2 last place teams.
    so glad that McCown kept the Bears in it. HE IS NO JAY CUTLER, STOP THE MADNESS AHHHHH!!!!

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