Fast Food Minimum Wage Strike

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  • jake

    These workers are pathetic! Are you serious? People with nursing skills who work with elderly and disabled don’t even make 15.00 an hour and they want us to support their 15.00 dollar an hour demand? Oh PLEASE. You are making hamburgers!!!!!!!! And half the people protesting don’t even speak our English language! Get real people. Be happy you even have a job. Unreal. What a joke. These fast food workers haven’t spent any time in a certified nurse course, or licensed vocational nursing course, or a pharmacy tech course, and yet they want the SAME pay rate these skilled and trained workers want? NO WAY. Get back to work and quit complaining. This is total waste of time and theatrical demands aren’t going to change public opinion of people with a GED or high school diploma flipping burgers! If these workers want something, they should ask for free food, not more pay, because they haven’t earned that right through education. And finally, if you can’t even speak our national language you must be out of your mind to think we are going to support you getting more money when you are probably here in our country ILLEGALLY. Get real people. There are AMERICANS who don’t have jobs and you want us to reward people who broke our immigration laws and are using stolen social security numbers? What the heck is wrong with this situation? C’MON. You can’t want what others who have worked hard without doing what is right to get there. Enough already! This is insanity. I support McDonalds, Wendys, Jack N the Box and every other fast food chain in STOPPING this insane demand.

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