Nick Digilio

The Controversial Death Row Case of Troy Davis

Nick Digilio visits with activist and author Jen Marlowe about her latest I am Troy DavisCo-written with Davis’ sister Martina, the book examines the controversial circumstances of his conviction and execution for murder.

Marlowe and other local performers will be participating in a commemoration / book launch this Thursday, December 5th at The Chicago Temple – 77 W Washington Street.  The event is free and open to the public but reservations are asked for via this Facebook link.

Participants will reflect on the legacy of Troy Davis and his sister Martina Davis-Correia, honor their memory by discussing next steps in the struggle for justice, and launch the new book.

And for additional information about Jen’s other Chicagoland appearance about her book The Hour of Sunlight: One Palestinian’s Journey from Prisoner to Peacemaker, click here.

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2 Comments to “The Controversial Death Row Case of Troy Davis”

    Reg Culone said:
    December 3, 2013 at 5:00 PM

    I've heard that he was guilty as …… He attempted to kill a guy, was convicted for it, before he killed the police officer. Supposedly, the police busted in while his mother was washing the policeman's blood off her son's clothes. For a technical reason the clothes weren't admissible, but neither were the so called recanted testimonies admitted so that they couldn't be cross-examined. So, it's a great publicity stunt to use them and try to called him an innocent lamb.

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