Black Friday Survival Tips

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Producer Stephanie Menendez

Producer Stephanie shares her Black Friday tips with Bill and Wendy.

Black Friday Survival Tips By Steph

1. Make sure you limit your liquids on Thanksgiving as you may be standing in line for upwards of an hour, waiting to get inside your fav store and there is no place to pee.

2. Bring a tote bag with you and include the following: extra ads for ALL major stores, bottled water, snacks. You will likely get hungry and I have never seen a food truck  outside a Target. Also, the ads will come in handy as you can share them with your line buddies.

3. Speaking of line buddies, always be courteous to the people in line in front of you and behind you- they may have inside knowledge of where products are located in stores AND, they MIGHT hold your space in line if you have to pee

4. Dress WARMLY. Gloves, scarfs, hat, etc. It gets cold waiting in lines outside!

5. Plan ahead! Websites like leak Black Friday ads weeks in advance. Know what you are buying and from where to limit time inside the store. Know that it will likely take 2 hours at each stop so if you are at Target at Addison and Western for their 8pm opening and want to make it to Wal-Mart on North Ave and Cicero by 10pm, you won’t make it..

6. Channel your inner Jedi and be patient! You will likely wait an hour or so just to get INSIDE a store, and standing there complaining about it will only piss off everyone around you. So dig deep, bring your iPod if you must, and be a friendly adult.

7. Bring a buddy! Always bring a friend and make sure that that person is informed of what items you want in any given store. You can coordinate in advance and split up.

8. Reconnaissance! Target has a new app where you can get updated store maps so you can find out if the item on your list is in-stock and where it is located in the store! Or, you can do things and the old-fashioned way and simply go to your fav store TODAY and they will likely have the merchandise rolled out in-store but still boxed up, waiting to be unwrapped on Thursday.

9. Be a ninja! Don’t be afraid to run around (not into!) people with a stealthiness but don’t push or shove. You don’t want to be that person on the Channel 9 news who started a fight at Toys R Us.

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