Time Magazine’s Kennedy Cover Story

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  • patsy

    Matt. I know you weren't alive in 1963 but honest to God the killing of President Kennedy was on Nov. 22nd not Nov. 23rd. This disturbed me all night,
    Also please consider that Sophia Roberts is a young girl without life skills who has been set adrift by her mother. She may not be too bright but has no one to guide her. And little education. This may be a scam but really to me she talked like a regular teenager who is clueless and scared. I applaud you for trying to help her.

  • jeanherve

    I think you should write an article about Lyman Lemnitzer and "operation Northwoods". Lyman Lemnitzer was SACEUR at SHAPE (NATO, France then Belgium). He was the chief of the "stay-behind" sections. The French "stay-behind" had most probably connections with the "SAC"(Service d'Action Civique) and drug traffickers. Lyman Lemnitzer may have used them for the assassination.

    In French AND in English :

    This theory is compatible with the implication of Lyman Lemnitzer as Christian David was a member of SAC (Service d'Action Civique), most probably linked to the french Stay-behind unit (Baud, Ganser) directed by Lyman Lemnitzer (SACEUR of SHAPE/NATO).

    Gladio – NATO's Dagger at the Heart of Europe : The Pentagon-Nazi-Mafia-Terror Axis

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