The Garry Meier Full Show 11/11/2013 Hour 2

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Garry brings up the story that he teased in the Show Opener, where the North Korean government decided to execute 80 people for distributing porn and possessing Bibles. Garry suggests we talk to Dennis Rodman to go smooth things over for the trigger happy leader. Then, stereotypes are the new thing for mascots? They aren’t even close to being politically correct.


  • Tom Gebarowski

    Thsnk you Gary for keeping it real
    with this and things like your dad’s
    story for Veteran’s Day. My gal & I
    really joped to hear your Hall of Fame
    Induction…please play or share some
    highlights soon. CONGRATULATIONS
    from long time fans…
    Lynn & Tom

  • John

    Hey Garry,

    Nice job snubbing Steve and Roe in your Hall of Fame speech. Too bad you don't have a clue about who got you where you are at, because it certainly wasn't you.

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