Blind woman, 67, faces eviction after land sold for $43


Dolores Pittman outside of her home in Cedar Lake, Indiana. (WGN-TV)

A blind woman is facing eviction from her northwest Indiana home of 55 years after the land it sits on was bought at a tax sale for $43 without her knowledge.

“She got screwed on this bad,” said Lake County Treasurer John Petalas.

The new owner has filed eviction papers in court and, in the meantime, is charging Dolores Pittman, 67, $300 to remain in the house in Cedar Lake, about 50 miles from Chicago. She has been paying that amount since May but it’s a hardship, she said. Previously she had been paying $10 a year to the town to rent the land.

“If I had money, I’d just say to hell with it and go off someplace,” said Pittman, a former librarian. An attorney is looking into the matter but has told her it doesn’t look good.

Click here for more on this story from the Chicago Tribune.


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