Agricast: October 26

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  • Jean Greenberg

    This comment is for Orion Samuelson.
    I was greatly disappointed in your comments on last Saturday morning to the radio audience when you had the nerve to say GMO products are safe and scientifically proven safe. There are soooo many scientifically proven studies that prove the gmo's are killing and destroying the human population and the anlmal population and all the vegetation crops grown in the United States. I couldn't believe you sold out to Monsanto and the other companies that are so greedy.
    Why do you thing the rest of the world has refused gmo crops? Why do you think they want gmo crops labeled? It doesn't cost any more to add gmo to a label. Monsanto is scared. Why? If their seeds are so safe, there should be NO issue acknowledging the fact that the food is a gmo product. Monsanto knows that the people will stop buying their poison products and that wouldn't be good for business. Shame on you. THEY KILL OR MAKE PEOPLE SICK. When you mess with Mother Nature, you loose. And since Monsanto has pushed their poison seeds, bees dye, people get sick, every illness and obesity have increased..
    I can honestly say I no longer trust you and your commentaries. You say what the money says to say, not what is is in the best interest of the people as a whole.

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