Steve Cochran

CTA’s New Ventra Card

With all the commotion of the new payment method of CTA usage planned to start this Fall, Tammy Chase of CTA came on The Steve Cochran Show Tuesday morning to answer some questions.


 (Heather Charles / Chicago Tribune)



1 Comment to “CTA’s New Ventra Card”

    Guest said:
    October 8, 2013 at 1:22 PM

    After being disconnected numerous times from the Ventra customer service number, I called the CTA customer service number. They say the mailing of the Ventra cards for Chicago Card users is after the Chicago Card Plus users which is behind schedule. Ms Chase maintains all the cards are in the mail. Is she blaming the post office?? Perhaps so many people are calling Ventra and pushing 0 because there are so many conflicting stories. Ms. Chase mentioned the need to update the payment method as it was 20 years old. Maybe they should have thought to update Ventra's phone system.

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