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Supermarket Scam

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Garry talks about his encounters at his grocery store this past weekend, where the person in-front of him had 40+ items in the self-checkout line. Is that wrong? Should there be a limit?


A self-checkout lane at a major grocery store chain (Baltimore Sun photo)

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  • Al

    Why no one should use self checkout:

    – There is little to no savings for the consumer.
    – Contributes to theft which shows up in overall price increases.
    – One less way for the store to interact with consumers' needs
    – Item issues take longer to resolve.
    – It will often take longer (esp. with others in the line).
    – No discount or benefit is given to the shopper who uses it.
    – Self-checkout stations TAKE AWAY JOBS and CONTRIBUTE TO UNEMPLOYMENT which we all pay for!

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