Illinois One Of Worst States In Country For Nursing Home Care

Illinois was ranked 42nd out of 50 for nursing home care this year. Attorney Jeff Schlaap joined The Steve Cochran Show on Monday to open the eyes of children whose parents could not be getting the treatment they deserve.


Doctor Examining an Elderly Patient

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  • Cindy Tegtmeyer

    Thank you for covering this topic and helping to educate people. With accountable care focusing on outcomes and involving all providers of care including nursing homes, and most, importantly holding them accountable for quality care, consumers voices will have more impact. and other sites are a valuable way for caregivers to get educated on this important topic, and, begin to expose the good, bad and ugly in long-term care. Many of us have experienced the bad and the ugly, and, are utilizing our knowledge and internet resources to try to help others have a better experience.

  • not fooled

    So Mr. Schlaap became an attorney because of the abuses he saw….as an operator? As the perpetrator of abuses and poor care, perhaps he should have stayed and corrected the abuses that happened in the facilities under his watch. Pretty common human condition to assume others behave as we do (in this case poor oversight of the care of people) and then paint with a broad brush.

    As far as greed goes, I'm sure Mr. Schlaap does all his work pro bono and never ever takes advantage of the unlimited attorney fees that trial lawyers can receive in lawsuits against facilities. When we have a system that sees $2500 settlements for residents with $250,000 in fees to attorneys being paid you can rest assured that money is the motivator regardless of how much these guys play the righteous crusader.

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