Drinking and Writing Theater founders talk “The Brewprints”

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The Drinking & Writing Theater has one rule: You have to drink while you perform.

Sean Benjamin and Steve Mosqueda, founders of the theater and former Neo-Futurists, talk with Rick Kogan about the annual Drinking & Writing Festival, which will honor the work of Jim Morrison.

“We were looking at writers, and we are both huge Doors fans, and we were like Jim Morrison has a couple books of poetry that are actually really good and we were like maybe that is the way to go,” Benjamin said describing why they chose Morrison as their subject.

For the past year, Kogan said he has been on a crusade to have lyricists thought of as writers. “We never think of Muddy Waters or Koko Taylor or Dennis DeYoung as writers, but lyrics are poetry,” he exclaimed.

Click below to hear Benjamin and Mosqueda talk about both drinking and writing and their new show, “The Brewprints: 40 Scenes on Hops.” Click here to learn more about the Drinking & Writing Theater.