The Mike McConnell Podcast 10-03-13

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Today’s guests:

Jane Risen, Professor at the University of Chicago, about the article; “Knocking on Wood and Throwing Salt over your Shoulder”.

Nate Pave, owner at The Happy Cig, about E-Cigarettes and if they can be used to smoke narcotics.

Dr. Larry D. Rosen, Professor at California State University, about Phantom Phone Vibrations and why they happen.

Dr. Melba Ketchum, Speaker for the Sasquatch Genome Project, about recent Big Foot sightings.


  • vmxa

    The reason some may be skeptical of the prof/vet is she sounds far too involved. She seems invested, rather than investigative. Best I got was they have no clue what it is they have and yet she concludes it is bigfoot?

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