The Mike McConnell Podcast 9-27-13

Mike streams live Monday-Friday from 10AM-12:30PM on WGN2! Check it out here and call us at 312-445-0326. Also, share this link with your friends:

Today’s guests:

Tim DeChristopher, Climate Justice Activist and Co-Founder of Peaceful Uprising, about his arrest and time in jail. Read his story at their website.

Erica Johnson about her petition at to make laundry products safer to prevent child consumption. Her grandson almost died after biting into a Tide Detergent Pod.

Tara Rayburn, Health Advocate, Speaker and Author, about “lifestyle” diseases that will cause a majority of deaths by 2030.

Teresa Chiletz, Local Organizer of World Day for Farmed Animals. Their protest in Chicago is on Saturday at Grant Park Packing Company, 842 West Lake Street.


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