35,000 e-mails

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So, here’s what happens when you’re a host at a big-time, major-market radio station, you get fired from said big-time, major-market radio station, and then, three years later, new management re-hires you as morning host at, you guessed it, that same big-time, major-market radio station.  And, all the while, your e-mail account sits dormant, quietly collecting e-mail messages.  35,000 e-mail messages is what happens.  Actually, this image was taken when said host (one Steve Cochran, if you haven’t already figured that out) had already started cleaning out his Inbox, so who knows how many there were.


  • Tim Arnold

    Bill Letts comments about Fox News has cost him a family of listeners. We personally like Fox News a lot and regardless of what he says about it, it is fair and balanced. So, we will leave your station and return to WLS. His and Wendy Synder’s ratings can’t be that good anyway. All she is is a laugh track for his stupid and pointless banter.

  • Len Rauch

    Mr. Cochran:
    I had intended to contact Orion but he seems to have insulated himself from the general public. Today and in the past he has steadfastly claimed there is no "junk food"! Tell that to the teens that come to school with a bag of Cheetos and a giant Pepsi. Tell it to any competent nutritionist trying to do some-thing about America's Obesity epidemic along with all the health problems that stem from junk food. His irresponsible stand on this issue is mind boggling given hls stature and influence. Why doesn't he come out and tell all of us that his precious producers have nothing to do with small American farms or good healthy foods but everything to do with corporate farming and giant agri-businsess. The Archer Daniel Midlands of the business world are the real heroes for Orion…..Len Rauch New Glarus, WI

    p.s. Your discussion with David Orr this morning was but one example of your arrogance and ignorance on important subjects. Keep it up Cochran and your gig will be short-lived.

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