Remembering Jerry G. Bishop, the original Svengoolie

Nick Digilio and listeners remember the late, great Jerry G. Bishop – the original Svengoolie.

All contents trademarked to their respective owners.  Special thanks to the Museum of Classic Chicago Television.

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  • Brian Kent

    Please put those tapes of Sven from your brother on YouTube! That would be awesome to see Jerry thank Rich for a submission.

  • Admiral Kent

    And thanks for the great tribute to Jerry G. I had only just discovered him earlier in the year after watching American Scary and was hooked. I was familiar with Son of Sven from visiting relatives in Chicago as a kid…and at first glance during American Scary I couldn't understand why Svengoolie was dressed like a hippie! I've pretty much memorized all of Jerry G's skits on YouTube since. He was awesome.

  • julie black

    I worked with Jerry G… on Sun-up San Diego when I first started in broadcast TV… he was always good for a great broadcast story and I LOVED hearing about his touring with the Beatles. RIP Jerry G. Thanks for this tribute… haven't heard much in San Diego… but I hope that the local news with pay tribute to him.

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