The return of Kathy and Judy, with video

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Your girlfriends are back!  Kathy and Judy update listeners on what they’ve been doing the past four years and get updates from some classic K&J callers.  It’s time for girlfriend chat as they cover everything from the song “Blurred Lines” to hickeys to incidents with Epipens.  Happy Friday!

Reminder: You can hear a “Best of Kathy and Judy” tomorrow from 10am-12 and tune in every Saturday morning from 10-12!


Your girlfriends are back! Judy, Steve, and Kathy reunited on their first day back! (WGN Radio)


  • Alice Coughlin-Ryan

    Great news!! So very happy to hear that my girlfriends are back on the radio. A friend called me earlier in the week to give me the good news as I stopped listening to WGN on the very day that both of you were invited to leave. I did write a letter to management at that time and let them know what a stupid mistake they made and that my radio dial would not be tuned to WGN for any reason. I heard you this morning and will be listening tomorrow and all of the Saturdays to come. You both still have the "magic". I love you guys!!

  • Susan

    Love hearing the girlfriends…My Mom passed away 4 years ago and she was so sad and mad at WGN when they left. Glad sense has returned only wish Mom was around to hear them.

  • Jan

    It's about time WGN management regained some of their senses and have put Kathy and Judy back on the air. It's too bad we can't have John Williams and Steve Cochran back along with them.

  • jane hammar

    welcome back, kathy and judy, i was in tears listening to you both friday morning, , tears of joy, of course. it was great tho laugh again with you two…wonderful, wonderful

  • Joan

    Please replace Garry Meier and all will be close to perfect. I nearly cried in the car Friday when Kathy and Judy were on because I didn't expect t hear them yet. They are wonderful. I miss John Williams too.

  • Beth

    Great news to hear the girl friends are back! Finally WGN has regained some of their senses. Now if you could only convince Spike to come back things would be almost right with the world…..

  • MisBit

    My first day back, too! So happy you both are back. I've laughed more this a.m. than I have in the past 4 years. Finally WGN is getting smart again.

  • Jane

    Happiness is the new way WGN is reinventing itself. Loved hearing Kathy and Judy again. The rebroadcast on Sat. morning of old shows was so funny! Almost all the new line up is a major improvement!
    It's nice to listen to a great radio station again. THANK YOU!

  • Katherine

    Welcome back Kathy & Judy!!!! I was furious about losing you both 4 years ago. (I even wrote to WGN management.) Well, listened to your Best of Kathy and Judy last night in bed. I found myself laughing out load throughout the podcast.

  • Frances

    So happy you ladies and Steve are back and together. Please, please, please, please, please post podcasts ASAP!!
    Now bring back John Williams!

  • Eileen

    Am spreading the word to all my gal pals that you are back. Now let us hope you get more than just a two hour Saturday show. Daily would be more like it. Still laughing/crying over the credit card shredder story, something I would do.

  • Rhonda ;)

    I am thrilled my girlfriends are back on the air. When WGN terminated them oh so long ago, I changed the radio station and never listened again to Am720.
    I only wish management would schedule their show during the week. Two hours on Saturdays just won't be enough!
    Love, Rhonda

  • Linda Hildebrand

    What great news!!! Four years ago I took 720 off all my push buttons in cars, trucks, tractors and combine–no more WGN for me. So glad management realized their mistakes and are rectifying their error–now bring back John Williams and Spike and WGN will be the leader of AM once again :)

  • Bobbi

    Was one of the saddest days of my life when they made the exit. I almost cried when I missed the first-back show. WGN has NOT been GN but seems they have pulled their head out…..
    Love you Kathy & Judy!!

  • Anonomus

    WGN you finally woke up! I haven’t listened to your station since you destroyed your station by “going in a different direction” & taken all your morning gems off the air. I’m not a cursing type person, but I colored the air blue when you did that! Get the girls back on everyday not just Sat. I acidentally found them on Sept. 21, ’13. & will listen again faithfully. But I want them everyday! Now that you’re awake, get out of bed & finish the job!

  • K from WI

    I was dumbfounded when K&J left, heartbroken when Steve and Johnny left, horrified when Jonathan B came on and I left WGN when Milton Rosenberg left. Now I am hooked on Wi. Public Radio and I love it but I will return to WGN for Nick (during sleepless nights) Lou on Sat. Steve for a wake up hour or so and K&J on Sat. Even a little on Sunday mornings. But—–stupid radio will not trump good listening in this house.

  • Shannon

    SOOOO happy to have K & J back. All my friends and I stopped listening to WGN a few months after they left. Mike McConnell was aggravating and a horrible way to start my day, so I left WGN.
    Now I have Steve Cochran during the week and K & J on Saturdays….THANK YOU, WGN! GOOD MOVE! Keep it up!

  • Shannon

    Oh, one more thing…I LOVE Wendy and Bill…they are both so funny! Almost forgot to compliment WGN for putting them on. THANKS again!

  • Judy

    WGN radio management has made nearly all my dreams come true! Steve Cochran AND Kathy and Judy! The only one missing is John Williams!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for listening to all of us who where so devastated when all these people left so abruptly. We just knew it was all a big mistake. Now you've fixed it for us! It just doesn't get any better!! We are forever grateful!

  • Trudy

    Things are improving….BUT….I cannot believe the likes of Steve and Johnnie have been replaced with the likes of the Sunday Midnight Smut Hour. PU-LEEZE!!! You can, and should, do better.

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