The Mike McConnell Podcast 9-13-13

Mike streams live Monday-Friday from 10AM-12:30PM on WGN2! Check it out here and call us at 312-445-0326.

Today’s guests include:

Diana Furchtgott-Roth, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, about her article on workers’ rights, and how workers groups complain about low hourly pay, but only for certain businesses.

Hadley Heath,┬áSenior Policy Analyst at the Independent Women’s Forum, about how Obamacare affects Trader Joe’s employees and the petition against immediate health care reform.

Hanley Chiang from Mathematica Policy Research about effective teachers and their study on the effectiveness of math teachers who work for Teach for America and other programs.

Bob Poole, Director of Transportation at Reason Foundation, about reforming highways and implementing nationwide tolls.


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