The Mike McConnell Podcast 09-12-13

Mike streams live Monday-Friday from 10AM-12:30PM on WGN2! Check it out here and call us at 312-445-0326.

Today’s guests include:

Dr. Drew E. Permut, Psychotherapist, about post traumatic stress disorder following 9/11.

Sam Maranto, Illinois State Director of MUFON, about chasing UFO’s.

Leslie Keiling, Traffic reporter at WGN Radio.

Robert Vicino, Director of Vivos Survival Shelters, about building bunkers for a post apocalyptic world.

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  • Greg

    Leslie lives! I stopped listening to the radio broadcast (via internet) when Mike went to podcast. There needs to be a Mike and Leslie show instead of that chatty banter that took Mike's place. (or maybe they'd make too much sense for the Chicago audience).

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