The Mike McConnell Podcast 8-28-13

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Mike streams live Monday-Friday from 10AM-12:30PM on WGN2! Check it out here and call us already!


Today’s Guests include:

Nick Gillespie

James Valvo

Jim Copland

Steve Wambolt The Goose Buster!


Mike also talks about a woman who had everything in her house repossessed by mistake. Finally, Mike tries a new Doughnut creation live! All this and so much more!

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  • TJD

    Mike McConnell is missed on regular radio. He does a great job… even on the podcast side. I don't understand why WGN has moved him off the air. He was the best personality on during the daytime. I don't know whose making the decisions, but I do know this I have no reason to listen to the WGN regular broadcast now.
    I hope Mike ends up in a great gig, he deserves it.

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