Show Opener, August 28th

Garry opens the show with a question, asking which story headline is fake. You might be surprised at which stories are true!

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  • Paul Haak

    Garry- Many years ago I worked on switching equipment in an office for "411 info" operators. In this particular office, there were 2 women who always sat near each other. Not a day went by without one complaining it was too hot and the other complaining it was too cold. No matter how the technician adjusted the temperature they always complained. One day he came up to talk to them. He listened to their complaints intently, and told them he knew what the problem was, and left. He returned with his toolbox and an impressive array of gauges and meters and looked as if he were really doing some very technical adjustments on the thermostat. After he left, both women were very happy with the temperature and never complained again. (While it looked as if he was making some very difficult adjustments, he NEVER touched anything.) They were very happy.

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