Endless Shrimp and All You Can Eat Deals

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  • Al

    "File not found" again.

    Who checks to ensure the site is working?

    Now that you have your daily lineup set, how about paying more attention to website and iTunes podcasts function?

    This year's web design is too much "style' over substance and function. Bring back news headlines and weather to the home page. Reduce the number of clicks to navigate to everything. Bring back contact information for all the shows personalities. Don't force users off the site to contact personalities or producers. Believe it or not, but some people don't want to be on Twitter or Facebook. Make podcasts for all shows easy to download and subscribe to from the site and off of iTunes for listening off line (as when commuting).

    The site needs to be a contained, quickly navigable and unified experience. You shouldn't need a manual or have worked with code to figure out how to accomplish something on it.

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