Garry Meier

Show Opener, August 27th

Garry opens the show talking about a woman finding the man responsible for stealing her bike, using his Craigslist ad against him. He also talks about the first day for Chicago public schools.


1 Comment to “Show Opener, August 27th”

    Patricia said:
    August 27, 2013 at 6:05 PM

    Hi Garry – I was listening today when you were talking about people with bad breath. I don't know if you mentioned this one or not, but ………………………. when Tim Burton played a serial killer on Criminal Minds, he had the NASTIEST TEETH EVER. You just know he had to have wicked breath! I realize he was just a tv character, but still. Love your show. P.S. To Miley Cyrus – we all know you're no longer a seemingly sweet child. Now, please keep that tongue inside your mouth where it belongs!

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