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  • Dave Nicpon

    I love the new lineup on WGN radio. Steve Cochran deserved that morning spot a long time ago. Bravo! It’s nice to hear Bill and Wendy too.

  • Sally

    I love Steve in the a.m. but I also love Johnny B in the a.m. I hope your schedules don't conflict when FM starts up. And, a shout out to Jerry Miller (lol) on the drive home! Good stuff everyone including all the ladies too!!!

  • Arlo Ashland

    Let's get this show on the road already. Steve Cochran is a bore compared to Johnny B. I need a show that wakes me up not puts me back to sleep. WGN could at least tell us when will be up and running.

  • dave

    why does WGN web say is coming soon? it is here now. i almost missed Jonny B this morning. sounding beter than ever

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